Koha Price List Distributed

NH State Librarian Michael York sent this message yesterday:
Prices from ByWater for KOHA implementation services 
The State Library has asked ByWater Solutions to develop a per-library cost for implementing  KOHA systems in New Hampshire libraries;
the costs are in the attached document, which is also available on the nhaisLOCAL website. The cost driver in the proposed implementations will be the number of records. Eight cents per record, we believe is a fair price for the work that needs to be done. We have been urging libraries for a number years to keep the records they have in their catalogs to those things that truly represent their holdings. Records that do not accurately reflect a library's holding mislead patrons. Records that state you have something you do not,  now will cost you money as well. Again we at the state library urge you to purge your current systems of records that reference material you no longer have in your collection.
Please review this information and determine if you are interested in proceeding base on the projected costs. Our next communication will be a survey to determine which libraries are ready to move ahead on this project.
You will find the price list on our DOCUMENTS page.

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