These are the various documents related to the nhaisLOCAL project.
As new ones are created links to them will be added to this page.

Sample Memorandum of Understanding (February 2013)

Price List (November 2012)
Vendor Response to April 2012 RFI (July 2012)

nhaisLOCAL Test Plan Documents
Customized versions of the ByWater Koha Test Plan .
Note: the title on all of these is the same; this is because we used the ByWater document to keep the links functional and the title wasn't editable

  1. Homework Link List (this is extracted from the staff side test plan -- start here)
  2. nhaisLOCAL Test Plan - Staff Side (should have a few crossed off items at top)
  3. nhaisLOCAL Test Plan - OPAC
nhaisLOCAL Workflows