Library Automation Resources

"The Library Technology Guides website aims to provide comprehensive and objective information related to the field of library automation. It provides information on the technology products, companies, and trends that impact libraries. Whether you are in the process of selecting a library automation system, or just want to keep up with developments in the field, Library Technology Guides is the place to start." This site is maintained by Marshall Breeding.

Evergreen Resources
"Evergreen is open-source, consortial-quality library software to help library users find library materials and to help libraries manage, catalog, and circulate those materials." (from the Evergreen FAQ)
  • Wikipedia article on Evergreen
  • The Evergreen website includes demo links, documentation, faqs, and a list of libraries using the software.
Evergreen in New Hampshire

So far only one New Hampshire library, that I know of, has implemented Evergreen. Check out their catalog to see what they have done. If your NH library is using evergreen please email me your catalog link and I will add you to the list.