The nhaisLOCAL Migration Timeline

The first group of libraries is nearing the go-live dates for their nhaisLOCAL koha systems and the structure of this process is shaping up to the point where I thought it would be useful to share the general timeline for this process.
It is a 6 month project for a library to implement a new nhaisLOCAL system. There is a lot of stuff you might want to do before that clock starts, but that is a topic for another day.

Month 1
  • you will get a MOU which will need to be signed and returned at the beginning of the month
  • the first invoice, for implementation, training, and support (see pricelist for amounts) will be sent to you
Month 2
  • the payment of the first invoice will be due before the end of this month
  • by the end of this month you will have been contacted by NHSL staff to discuss bibliographic record counts, barcodes, etc.
Month 3
  • you will participate in a migration conference call with ByWater Solutions staff, NHSL staff, and the other libraries in your implementation group
  • a dropbox account and a ByWater ticketing system account will be set up for your library this month
  • if it is needed, a bulk order for barcodes will be placed this month
Month 4
  • your preliminary data load will be sent to ByWater this month
  • the second invoice, based on your preliminary data load counts (see pricelist for amounts) will be sent 
  • this month would be a good time to read through the koha pre-training materials 
Month 5
  • the payment of the first invoice will be due before the end of this month
  • your library staff will attend a three day training session for all the libraries in the implementation group 
  • after your training and before your go-live date your library staff will have access to your test data and will work through the koha testing plan to make sure your system is set up as it should be
Month 6
  •  your final data extraction will be sent to ByWater this month (at the close of business the day before your go live date)
  • your system will be configured and your final data set loaded over a weekend (while you are closed) 
  • your go live date will be this month (on the Monday after your final data set was due)

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