Migrating the first group of libraries

The first group of nhaisLOCAL libraries is currently in the process of migrating to fabulous new Koha open source library systems with the support of ByWater Solutions and the NHAIS Services staff at NHSL.

I wasn't quite sure how we would figure out which libraries would be the first ones, but it worked out perfectly. The ByWater folks felt that 6 libraries at a time was a good number to bring up in a 6-month timeframe and when we compiled the information from our "readiness" survey there were 6 libraries, and only 6, who said they were ready to go right away.

The first group is currently pulling together test data files and having meetings (virtually) with the ByWater migration team to sort out what needs to happen and how and when.

The scheduled go-live dates for this first group of libraries are in July 2013.

  • Aaron Cutler Memorial Library, Litchfield
  • Colby Memorial Library, Danville
  • Colebrook Public Library
  • J. A. Tarbell Library, Lyndeborough
  • Pillsbury Free Library, Warner
  • Tuftonboro Free Library
During June I plan to be contact the folks who indicated in the "readiness" survey that they would be ready to move forward within the year and put together the second group of nhaisLOCAL libraries.

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