Activities Update

We have collected and compiled all the "Readiness" survey data and there are 26 NH libraries who have identified themselves as interested in moving forward with implementing a nhaisLOCAL Koha system in their library within the next 2 years. This group constitutes the "nhaisLOCAL Community" at this point and you can see who they are on the Community tab of this site.

Michael York and I have been working with ByWater on paperwork and details and things are moving along nicely on that front. We have also been working on a "Memorandum of Understanding" so that each library that signs on to nhaisLOCAL knows what to expect. That document should be ready for unveiling soon.

My next step is to talk to each of the libraries that indicated that they were "ready to move forward NOW." There are details from the survey responses to be clarified and schedules to discuss. The plan is to have six of these libraries up and running on Koha by summer.  I expect to make these phone calls over the next week.

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