FAQ: PC Requirements for Koha

The Friends are buying us new computers for the library. So, looking forward to when we'll be running KOHA on all this shiny new equipment, we want to buy what we will need when nhaisLOCAL is implemented.  Can you please advise on hardware specs for the system?  Anything special in the computer dept., or just the fastest, most memory we can get?  
I sent this query to our rep at ByWater and here is the response:  "This is a very easy question. Because Koha is web based, the requirements for PCs are minimal. We would suggest at least 2GB of RAM on each of the staff computers, but other than that, there is no other requirement. They will need to install Mozilla Firefox: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ for the staff interface, but all of the public computers could use whatever they want (but we suggest Firefox for those as well)."


FAQ: Where do I even start?

I am a trustee at the _____ Library and we are anxious to be a part of the Koha project. However, we (all the trustees and librarian) are novices about this and have no idea if we are ready to begin this process and so are reluctant to add our name to the list. Is there somewhere we can go to read about what work we will need to do to prepare?  The costs and equipment needed? We are so uninformed that we don't even know what questions to ask.
The nhaisLOCAL website includes all the background info on the project. If you look back through the older posts you will find posts on various topics including data conversion, pricing, and open source basics. The koha tab has links to info about what the system is and how it works, there is a link there to ByWater (the vendor we are using) and their site has a lot of info both about the koha system (including a demo site) and about what they do, which gives you an idea of process. More information about the process nhaisLOCAL will be using will be posted on the nhaisLOCAL website as we go along.
As far as equipment, you will need a good reliable internet connection, and computers that you can use to access the internet. How many computers will depend on your staffing and public access levels. You will want to have a barcode reader and if you want to print check-out slips you will need a receipt printer. (We expect to provide information on some of the available options for this equipment a bit later in the process, so don't jump into any new purchases just yet.) The system itself will be hosted on a server managed by ByWater (through our contract), so you don't need a server or any of the infrastructure that goes with that.


Are you ready?

As we move forward with an agreement with ByWater Solutions to implement Koha in New Hampshire libraries though the nhaisLOCAL project our next step is to identify which NH libraries are ready to get started  implementing this local system solution for their patrons. We have developed a survey (20 questions at most, depending on how you answer early questions) to help us set an order in which libraries can most efficiently be brought onto Koha through nhaisLOCAL.

Here is the survey link:


The survey will remain open for one week (until 11:45pm on Jan. 17, 2013).
If you are interested in having your library put in the queue to implement koha through nhaisLOCAL within the next 2 years, you need to complete this survey before it closes.

There will be additional opportunities for NH libraries to join nhaisLOCAL in the future, but it will be after the respondents to this readiness survey have finished implementation. If you want to be in the queue, complete this survey this week.