Where are we with this?

This open source project has been on the back burner for too long now in the hope that other stuff will settle down and I will have time to focus on how an open source library solution can be developed for NH libraries. I have come to the conclusion that the time is never going to come when stuff settles down enough to take on such a big project, so I am just going to jump in.
Here is where we are today:

  • This project has been given a name: nhaisLOCAL.
    It has been being referred to as "an open source library solution for small, non-automated, or under-automated public libraries in NH, but not excluding larger libraries, or special libraries, or schools from participating." That's what we're dealing with, but I can't keep calling it that.
  • There is a listserv  to which everyone who has contacted me or Mike York and asked to be "on the list" is subscribed. If you got this post  in your email then you are one of those people. I see the listserv as being a place for the staff of the libraries who are interested in creating an open source solution for NH libraries to talk about stuff related to this project. 
  •  There is a website for the project at http://nhaislocal.blogspot.com/
    The wesbite currently has a lot of blank spaces on it. I am working on that. I see the website as being (to begin with) a place were links and resources can be posted so people can all find them and see stuff as we go along. There is a blog on the site which is where I will talk about what is happening with the project here at NHSL. Other people may end up blogging here as well as we go along. All the blog posts will go to the listserv. I only included the RSS links on the site in case anyone in the group is dedicated to an RSS reader rather than email.
  • I have a list of libraries that expressed interest in being part of this project. That list is on the Community page of this website. If your library's web link is incorrect there (or missing) please let me know what to change it to.
  • I have talked to several companies about what we are trying to do and what it might cost. So far only one has come back to me with an actual answer. I continue to work on this. I am talking to people about both KOHA and Evergreen at this point. (That's why the website skeleton includes pages for both products).
  • I am working with 2 companies to set up test bed sites for the Lilac Public Library that you will all be able (hopefully) to see and play around with. What's the Lilac Public Library? That will have to wait for another post.

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